Firefox 4’s New User Interface

Firefox 4 is available now!  Here’s a video introducing the new user interface, and the fantastic UX team that designed it.





  1. Hi,
    I am long time user of FF and FF4 is really good … but …

    Why do you loose an entire line in top menu just to let me know that I am on FF ?

    A nice icon is enough!



    PS: Chrome has not made that error.

  2. How on earth do I turn these silly dialog speech bubbles off and go back to simple dialog boxes?

  3. I love the new Firefox, but how it’s possible that we can’t save our tab groups on Panorama view ? If I close the browser, all my groups are gone ! I think is useless without a save feature.

  4. Great video, really well done.

  5. Glad to see you guys live and in color for once. Although I do not agree with each decision you guys made for Firefox 4 the overall impression is rather good. Looking forward to your future work. :-)

  6. congratulations Alex and team – keep up the good work!

  7. Gotta say, I’m really enjoying the finalized look, although I wish we could have gotten more posts from you regarding the process of refining the finished UI. :P Although, of course, it’s not too late to give us a “Designing Firefox 4” retrospective…

  8. I don’t understand why when you right click on a link, the two options of opening in a new window and opening on a new tab has been switched around since the last version. This is particular annoying when you are used to right clicking and selecting open in a new tab, without having to think about, and now it opens it in a window. Come on!

  9. How can it be, that when there’s actually people responsible for the look-and-feel, with FF4:

    – F6 no longer works with Tabs on Top
    – You stole Ctrl-E from Windows users for Panorama, then implement Ctrl-Shift-E instead (!!!)

    There is a good reason people don’t use Ctrl-L and Ctrl-K, and it seems silly I would have to explain this to a Principal Designer, but…

    Most people run Mozilla on a PC, are right-handed, and use a mouse. Feel free to familiarise yourself with keyboard layouts ( and come to the conclusion, that for Latin script based keyboard (note: this includes China and India) Ctrl-E is conveniently placed on the left side.

    Bring back F6 for Tabs on Top, restore Ctrl-E and while you’re at it, fix Ctrl-W for closing Tabs if you’ve touched embedded flash players (like Google Chrome).

  10. Firefox 4 is very nice but it has some deficiencies.

  11. I am stoked. Can’t wait to download Firefox 4 :D

  12. I’ve downloaded it and i am loving it however there are certain plug-ins that does not work with the latest update but i am sure the developers will be keen to update their plug-ins as the browser has surpassed my expectations.

    I love Firefox 4!

  13. I have to confess that I do not see any of the changes to the interface as an improvement. The use of color has been lost, so it looks very clinical and drab. I do not want to lose the menu bar for a button. I do not find tabs on top to be more logical in any way. I find the other things discussed in the video such as app tabs and sync to be totally incomprehensible. The only thing I agree with is that you are correct in suggesting that many (but not all) of the things that have been changed can be changed back. I think it is a shame to have to rely on a 3rd party theme to get the familiar FF 3.6 look back – that should have been a native option within the program.

  14. I absolutely love the new Firefox look. Sleek, stylish, clean, and streamlined. My favorite part is being able to get rid of the bottom toolbar.

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