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Working for Good: Metrofiets Cargo Bikes

The web should be open to everyone, a place for unbridled innovation, education, and creative expression. That’s why Firefox fights for Net Neutrality, promotes online privacy rights, and supports open-source … Read more

Cross-site tracking: Let’s unpack that

If you’ve been following the Facebook hearings this week, there’s one term that has come up over and over: “cross-site tracking” — and for good reason. For something that’s getting … Read more

Protect Your Privacy With Firefox for iOS 11

Privacy is important on mobile devices. That’s why Firefox for iOS 11 is shipping with improved, always-on Tracking Protection. How Tracking Protection Works It’s pretty simple: Firefox for iOS Tracking … Read more

Meet the Add-ons Manager

Ever wanted to fancy up your Firefox experience but weren’t sure how to do it? Are you familiar with the Add-ons Manager in Firefox? If not, please allow us to … Read more

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No More Notifications (If You Want)

Online, your attention is priceless. That’s why every site in the universe wants permission to send you notifications about new stuff. It can be distracting at best and annoying at … Read more