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The latest Facebook Container for Firefox

Last year we helped you keep Facebook contained to Facebook, making it possible for you to stay connected to family and friends on the social network, while also keeping your activity isolated in a separate container. That made it harder for Facebook to track your activity outside of Facebook with third-party cookies and made it easier for you to enjoy the web without your browsing activities following you from site to site. However, Facebook isn’t just the site. With the social sharing, liking or login widgets that many sites use, their reach is broad and, until now, hard to contain.

Many sites embed Facebook widgets on their sites. Meaning, any site where you see a “Like” button, anywhere you see Facebook comment enabled or any site that asks you to use Facebook to sign in, you’re being tracked with third-party cookies. These embedded widgets can help you have easier logins or commenting ability, however that opens you up to broader tracking by Facebook.

For those who would like to opt out, we’ve updated the Facebook Container Extension for Firefox. Now the Facebook Container will block those Facebook embedded widgets on non-Facebook pages. Meaning we’re helping you protect your browsing history from Facebook.

When you’re browsing with the Facebook Container extension, you can still go to any site and view content, but Facebook enabled comments, shares, likes and logins will be blocked. A blocked widget will look like this with a pink callout to alert you:

What about Facebook Messenger and Instagram?

To help you control the amount of data Facebook can gather about you, we have updated the Facebook Container extension to include Instagram and Facebook Messenger. This way, users of these sites can also benefit from the tracking protections of the Facebook Container. But it also means that Instagram media embedded on websites will be blocked, so you might see this:

You can still click through to view the embedded photo or video on Instagram with Facebook Container protection.

Technology that fights for you

Facebook Container is just one of many Firefox products and features that are built to be private from the ground up. Join Firefox and take a stand against an industry that’s making you the product.


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