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The 7 best things about the new Firefox browser for Android

The biggest ever update to Firefox browser for Android is on its way. Later this spring, everyone using the Firefox browser on their Android phones and tablets will get the update. Your favorite features — like your history, bookmarks, saved logins, and tab sharing — will stay the same. Here’s what else you can look forward to:

1. It’s faster

This update will introduce faster speeds than prior versions, powered by a completely overhauled browser engine and a speedier, more intuitive design.

The upcoming Firefox browser for Android enables Enhanced Tracking Protection on by default, and you can tap the shield to see the list of trackers blocked by site.

2. Keep your data to yourself, by default

Tracking has become an epidemic online with companies following every move, click, and purchase, collecting data to predict and influence what you’ll do next. We think that’s a gross invasion of your privacy. With Enhanced Tracking Protection, you’ll be protected from many of the most common online trackers, by default everywhere you use Firefox, now including on your Android.

You’ll be invisible to the top online trackers — social media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, fingerprinters, cryptominers and other invasive tracking content — when they attempt to follow you . Tap on the shield icon to see what trackers Firefox has blocked on your Android. Plus, by blocking 2000+ trackers from following you (and dragging you down), Enhanced Tracking Protection gives Firefox a speed boost. Win-win!

3. Extension-ready

This update will initially include support for one of the most popular extensions on Android, uBlock Origin. Additional extensions will be supported in subsequent releases so you can customize and expand your mobile browsing experience even more.

4. Declutter your tabs with Collections

We see you, tab hoarders, and we 💛 you. Now you can organize your most useful, favorite and just plain must-have open websites into Collections. Think of them as flexible folders for your mobile tabs. They’re great for grouping tabs around a theme of your choosing, like History Paper Research or Favorite Recipes or Morning Routine or Summer Vacation. Tab Collections are collapsed into tidy groups at the bottom of your Firefox for Android homescreen below your open tabs, for clear organization.

Firefox for Android private browsing

Tap the mask icon to switch between private browsing and regular browsing modes.

5. One tap to private mode

Switching between regular and private browsing modes is as quick and easy as tapping the mask button on the top of the screen. When the menu bar is purple, you’re in private mode. Open multiple tabs, then X them out individually or close them all in one tap of the trash can.

6. Dark theme or light theme, your choice

Whether you prefer dark or light mode is really up to you to decide based on your environment, vision needs and mood. Toggle between either mode, or set Firefox to follow the settings for your Android, so if you switch automatically to dark mode at a certain time of day, your browser will follow along.

7. Big screen, average thumbs, no problem

If you’ve ever had the experience of trying to tap the top of your phone screen one-handed, we know your struggle. The new Firefox browser for Android lets you switch the menu bar to the bottom of the screen for easier reaching. 👍

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this update to Firefox browser for Android. If you can’t wait for the public release later this spring, check out the Developer edition today.

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