Firefox Picture-in-Picture

The Picture-in-Picture feature in the Firefox browser allows you to pop a video out of its webpage into a floating, always on top, window so you can watch while continuing to do things in other tabs or screens.

Ready to give it a try? Start by playing any video in your Firefox browser, like the red panda cubs below. Then click the blue Picture-in-Picture button to pop the video out and play alongside while you go about your business on other tabs or do things outside of Firefox. You can also grab the video with your mouse to move it around or resize it.

Don’t see the Picture-in-Picture button? Download latest Firefox browser to get it and start watching.

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Picture-in-Picture is useful for any time you want to multitask with video content, such as:

Live-streaming news

With Picture-in-Picture, you can keep a news broadcast open while you read updates or stream another one in a different window.

Staying in the loop

Catch your local, state and national press briefing while you join live Twitter conversations in the background.

Taking a break

A quiet scene could be just the thing to help with introspection.

Toddler duty

Pop out a show for your kiddo to watch while you catch up on emails and hold them close for extra snuggles.

Learning new coding skills

Open an online tutorial video while keeping your developer software full screen where you test the code.

Sport fix

Play some archive footage on the side while working away in your other tabs.

Catching a concert

Some of us are born performers, others of us are born fans. Pop out a concert and take a break, from classical to tiny performances.

Watching games

Floating Twitch streams over your other windows is a possible game-changer.

Practicing riffs

Watch your guitar hero play your favorite song while you read the notes and learn how it’s done.

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