Firefox: It’s Better Now

“One of the most notably improved products I have seen in recent memory.” —Computerworld, “Why I Switched Back To Firefox” 5/2016 Better now, yes, h*ck yes. We put our nose back … Read more

May the 4th Be With Us, Everyone

It’s May the 4th, a sacred day to many Mozillians, all aspiring Jedi, and most of the people who wait in line outside movie theaters. Which got us thinking about … Read more

Click With Your Conscience

Our high school economics teacher used to say, “You don’t vote at the ballot box. You vote with your money.” And although she was notoriously frugal and wore the highest-mileage … Read more

Firefox Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Come From Foxes, Too

By now, it’s a well-accepted fact of nature that furry bunnies lay easter eggs, but did you know foxes are responsible for a few easter eggs, too? It’s true, and … Read more