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Translate the Web

Browser extensions make Google Translate even easier to use.

With 100+ languages at the ready, Google Translate is the go-to translation tool for millions of people around the world. But for folks who need to make frequent translations on the web, it’s a hassle to copy text from a web page, navigate over to, paste it in, return to your page, etc. Fortunately there are a number of Firefox browser extensions that streamline the translation process, and in some cases even add new features. Here are two exceptional examples:

To Google Translate

A straightforward, efficient twist on Google Translate. Just highlight the text you want to translate and right-click to pull up a menu with two options: 1) Takes to you with your selected text automatically entered into the translation field; or 2) Listen to audio pronunciation of the phrase (powered by Google Text-to-Speech), which is super helpful if you’re trying to learn a new language.

Google Translator for Firefox

Another streamlined yet potent translation application. Once you highlight text, just hit the toolbar icon and your translation will appear right there on the web page itself, in full context. You can translate selected text (up to 1100 characters) or the entire page. As a bonus feature, the context menu presents an option to search your highlighted word or phrase on Wikipedia.

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