MozillaYVR rocks at #teachtheweb at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2013

Over the weekend (June 1 & 2), MozillaYVR volunteers organized and rocked at #teachtheweb at this year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.

Saturday morning started off with Dethe settling everyone down at our booth and then presenting his personal project Waterbear to kick off the VMMF speaker series. Early in the morning, the Mozilla booth already had great traffic. Jeff, Sandie, Nick, Andy & Roland were instrumental in interacting with faire participants. Asking them to come up to the iMac to take headshots, and incorporating those images as part of their Popcorn Maker projects! Emma came all the way from Sooke to volunteer at VMMF along with her 2 girls Molly & Daisy. What a trooper!

There were countless presentations and awesome stuff at VMMF. It is hardly “mini” at all! Just to highlight some of the cool stuff captured by Roland, here’s a slideshow!

As you can see, the competition at VMMF was fierce! Thanks to our awesome Mozilla volunteers (plus cool swag), kids, families and adults were interacting & web-making away using all 3 webmaker tools. Kids loved to “hack” their favourite websites using X-ray Goggles and adults loved creating their own mash-up videos using Popcorn Maker.

Sabrina shows kids some of our awesome webmaker tools!

Mavis shows VMMF participants webmaker tools

Sunday was a busy day as well, we were joined by Erik, Yvan, Dethe & his son Azlen (the youngest programmer I’ve ever met!). Emma & I were busy preparing for our 1pm talk, again as part of the VMMF speaker series, we did a short presentation on Mozilla Webmaker Tools.

After the presentation, quite a few people were interested in learning more about the tools, including a young lady named Rose, also a web developer, who was interested in getting more involved and becoming a webmaker mentor for young girls in her community! We also had a dad with his kids who approached us, who signed up to our WebmakerBC mailing list because he wants to register his kids for local hack jams if we host any in the near future!

All in all, MozillaYVR volunteers couldn’t have done a better job at #teachtheweb. Folks ranging from kids, parents, educators and community leaders all were blown away by the power of the tools, and more importantly, by the awesome-ness of our volunteers! Thanks to everyone who got involved! We couldn’t have done anything without you! :)

This is a repost from Mozilla BC Webmakers blog.