10 Amazing Makes from 2014

2014 has been a record setting year for making and learning in the Webmaker community. People from all over the world learned new skills by creating on the web and sharing with friends and family. We didn’t have space to list all of the creations that blew us away this year, but here are 10 makes that we felt really captured the creativity and spirit of 2014:
10. This Business Card thimble make from @tanay1337 helped us make and personalize our own business cards while teaching us HTML and CSS.
9. We saw so many amazing event reports from Maker Party this year, we particularly loved the pictures and videos in this one from Hive NYC’s Make and Mingle. Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 10.38.17 AM
8. Making music videos with Popcorn was all the rage this year, we particularly liked this funny compilation by @tokyogetter: No! The Video.
7. This creative Foxy invitation from @aurorafirefoxclub to their Maker Party in India, made us smile and got us excited for their event.
6. We really enjoyed re-living our favorite Harry Potter moments through this gif music video made with Popcorn by @onewhoneversleeps.
5. Net Neutrality was an important topic in 2014. It made us think about preserving the openness of the web and inspired makes like this Net Neutrality poster from @shelleyvadams.
4. We loved reading about international events like this Womoz Warnagal event report by @ajay-jogawath from Mozilla Club Warangal and Mozilla India.
Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 10.34.28 AM3. We had a lot of fun with the new Webmaker tool, Appmaker, this year and especially enjoyed remixing Friendly Fire, an app by @mcbeckster that lets you keep score of your fighting pets.
2. Tech Girls made us laugh when they remixed this two-sided holiday card as part of the Hour of Code.
1. MozFest 2014 brought us together as a community and inspired us to make new things. Lots of great makes came out of MozFest but Appmaker this Zombie Adventure Game by @techkim took the cake. Try it out!
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