127K Makers, 2513 Events, 86 Countries, and One Party That Just Won’t Quit

This week we celebrate the record-breaking 2,513 events in 86 countries that made up Maker Party 2014.
All told, our more than 300 organizational partners and hundreds of individual event hosts shared valuable digital literacy skills with nearly 130,000 adults and children during the two-month campaign.
Whether hacking on mobile apps with Appmaker, discussing the nuances of net neutrality during our global teach-in, or turning libraries into full-fledged maker spaces, this year’s crop of Maker Parties unleashed the creativity of our incredible community of web makers.

Maker Party Surabaya, Indonesia

Maker Party Surabaya, Indonesia

Maker Party Brasil (photo credit @Coregem)

Maker Party Brasil (photo credit @Coragem)

Maker Party Iran

Maker Party Iran

Maker Party 2014 was truly a global celebration, with events in Argentina, Canada, Jordan, Uganda, Spain, and Japan, among dozens of other countries. We celebrated places like India that blew us away with more than 250 events, and were thrilled to see countries such as New Zealand, Iran, and Sweden hold their first ever Maker Party events.
Maker Party 2014 InfographicThe Party Doesn’t Stop
Just because Maker Party 2014 is over doesn’t mean that the party has to end. In fact, it’s more important than ever that we continue to learn and share Web literacy skills with our friends, family members, students, peers, and broader communities. Learning the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the web is as crucial to success today as reading and math were 100 years ago.
Thanks to you, Maker Party 2014 made a hugely significant contribution to global Web literacy, and inspired tens of thousands of enthusiastic web makers.

“Maker Party time is a fun time, be it two or fifty persons. I think the utmost thrill to makers is learning something new, something that allows them to be expressive and contributors of the web and not just consumers. They soon get to find out that they can utilize the web for their good, and that their voices can be heard all over the globe from just their laptop. This is the spirit I think, binds all makers all over the world. ”
– Richard Nworah (Trek Afrique)

“This is a great opportunity to learn, teach, inspire, motivate, grow, build, network, and to form an amazing community of doers! We are so thrilled and energized from this event that we already have plans in place for more events!”
– Kamila Stephniowska (COO of Geek Girls Carrots)
“Maker Party is such a great way to connect with the community and celebrate learning through play and making.”
– Jess Weichler (MakerBox)

We can’t thank this community enough for championing the cause of Web literacy and making sure that Maker Party 2014 smashed records along the way. Whether you organized a massive Maker Party event on your campus, or taught your children a bit of HTML around the kitchen table, we are inspired by what you’ve accomplished.

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  • Don’t forget to claim your Skill Sharer Badge if you taught someone a new skill during Maker Party.
  • Inspired by the incredible Maker Party mentors and teachers? Host an event. We’ve got detailed resources to show you how.
  • Join us at MozFest, in London on October 24th – 26th to engage in a conversation about how the web can do more, and do better.