A Movement to Help Youth Succeed in the 21st Century #WeAreLRNG

Today, Mozilla was pleased to partner with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur  Foundation, John Legend and other leading companies for the launch of LRNG, a collective shift in our approach to learning.
A sharp divide exists between young people who have access to 21st century opportunities and those who do not. There’s a growing and urgent need to make learning more accessible, engaging and relevant. To create 21st century pathways to success, we have to connect with underserved youth in new and innovative ways.
Of course this isn’t a challenge any one organization can tackle on their own. To close the opportunity gap, it will take schools, cities, employers, civic and cultural community resources and all of us– to provide young people with experiences that connect their interests with real-world opportunities.
For Mozilla, participating in LRNG is an opportunity to connect with, share and learn from  innovative educators who are inspired by and practice open learning to have greater impact and truly improve the systems and frameworks within which learners can leverage the Web and technology in their daily lives.

We are happy to feature several learning experiences on LRNG that combine activities and badges to engage learners with new skills and concepts that will help them become better citizens of the Web. Three of these experiences focus on online privacy, and help learners understand – through hands-on applications and thoughtful reflection–why privacy matters and what steps they can take to protect their own privacy in their digital lives.

  • IP Tracer Learners explore internet protocol (IP) addresses and create a map to illustrate their associations with individuals, devices, or websites.
  • Privacy CoachLearners “teach it forward” and become privacy mentors to their peers by sharing their expertise through discussion or creating their own “recipe” documentation on  privacy.
  • Data Trail TimelineLearners create a timeline, video or slideshow remix to demonstrate how information gets collected by companies and other organizations throughout the course of a typical day.

Note these 3 activities were remixed from Hive Toronto, and the original project  was funded by the Office of the  Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC).
LRNG is powered by Collective Shift, a new nonprofit organization dedicated to redesigning social systems for the connected age. Their focus is on creating pathways to training, internships and jobs for disconnected young people. And they’re bringing together partners, including Mozilla, to acknowledge that learning happens anywhere and everywhere, and to pave new ways to higher education and employment opportunities
Every young person deserves access to learning that engages, inspires and equips them to reach their full potential, and we all must take responsibility for opening these new paths to success.
To learn more abot the LRNG movement, visit www.LRNG.org.