Teaching the web at Ansar Orphanage

As you know, Mozilla community members have been busy organizing hundreds of amazing Maker Party events around the world. Over the last three months, people in more than 100 countries have been getting together to learn about the web, teach and share new skills, and celebrate the joy of webmaking and digital creativity.
Yesterday we learned about an inspiring Maker Party event organized by Rahman Hannu in Warangal, India:
rahman -- 06212011988

I would like to share my experience at the Maker Party computer tutorial at Ansar Orphanage. Today i borrowed a laptop from my friend and conducted tutorials for the orphan students. Later on I explained what the internet is and how it works and how important it is for us nowadays.
Then we connected to the internet and asked them to type and search for anything of their wish. One student searched about miracles…. Another student wanted to know how much money [Indian business magnate] Mukesh Ambani has. After that we played with the students.

Ansar Orphanage.001
Check out Rahman’s great photos and blog post, or join his discussion thread on the Webmaker community list. Rahman attended an earlier “train the trainer” event organized by the Mozilla India community, so it’s great to see what’s possible when we empower community this way.
Something else Rahman said has got many of us thinking:

I sincerely thank the Mozilla Community for giving me the spark to teach those who don’t have enough resources. I felt very much esteemed with the work, but simultaneously felt low that my efforts are like a drop in an ocean for the task ahead.

This prompted a lot of encouragement and ideas from the Webmaker community –– from teaching resources tailored to teaching web and design skills offline, to helpful documentation from other Mozilla India community members. But we’d love to do more to help.
Got ideas? Are there members of the Mozilla India community that can help with loaning or donating laptops? Or any other ways to make it easier for the orphanage to continue learning? You can get in touch with Rahman here — or share your thoughts on the Mozilla Webmaker list. Thanks!