Battle of the Mixes #2: Soundtrack It!

After an energetic first round, Battle of the Mixes #2 is here!

Here’s how it works

We’ll provide a challenge, and you play and create something fun using our video remixing tool, Popcorn Maker. Publish your work and tag it so we can find it. We’ll pick the three most imaginative, inspiring and irresistible-to-remix creations and feature them on our homepage and on the Webmaker’s Hottest series. We’ll even send the winners a t-shirt.
Sounds good? Let’s get started.

Battle of the Mixes No. 2

Our second challenge is to Soundtrack It!  This is your chance to remix some of the hottest content on the web. Here’s an example using a current favorite on Reddit, Do Nothing Cat:

How to join the Battle of the Mixes

To join the fun, get started by remixing Do Nothing Cat. Simply click on the green Remix button in the top right area of your screen when you’re watching the video in Popcorn Maker. A new Popcorn Maker editing window will open. Swap the dramatic sound effect for another track in the Media Gallery. Or import your own sound by pasting a link from Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud. Remember, the goal isn’t to create a perfect masterpiece. Instead, play around and have fun with the theme. Here are two examples to get you started:
Remix of Do Nothing Cat – Getting comfy with JT

Remix of Do Nothing Cat – Motivational Speech

Not inspired by Do Nothing Cat? Find another popular image or video online. Reddit is a great place to find the hottest new memes. Remember, you can paste the URL from any Youtube or Vimeo video, image or gif into Popcorn Maker.


To enter your Make in the Battle of the Mixes, you’ll need to tag it. To tag in Popcorn Maker, go to the ‘Project’ tab after saving your project and look for the field that asks for tags. Add makerparty plus other relevant words to help people find your work. When adding multiple tags, remember to separate them with commas, not spaces. Learn more about tagging.

Check back soon

The winners of our last battle, the Battle of the Mixes: Create a Motion Picture Show, were featured on our homepage and on the Webmaker’s Hottest series. Don’t forget — you can remix anything on our site to change it and make it your own. Stay tuned for the next Battle!

Get Involved

  • Join the Battle of the Mixes by adding a soundtrack to Do Nothing Cat.
  • Tag your work in Popcorn Maker with makerparty.
  • Share it on Twitter with the hashtag #makerparty.