Berlin, Mexico, Mali: A Maker Party Roundup (Week 4)

Maker Party By The Numbers:
Total events during Maker Party: 1,220+
Individuals attending Maker Party events:  63,000+
Number of cities hosting Maker Party events: 260+
It’s been almost four weeks since the start of Maker Party which means we are at the halfway point of our global party! Through the hard work and participation of thousand we are changing the world, empowering people and starting a movement. Learn more about the wonderful ways people have been contributing to the Maker Party campaign this past week:

Maker Party @ Gangadevipally in India

Here’s what happened last week:

Maker Party – August 8th, Berlin
This month-long Maker Party welcomed makers from around the world to participate in building a makers lab in a shipping container. The kick-off celebration on August 8th involved workshops on everything from soldering, live graffiti, machine knitting and more. Learn about the event here.
Webmaker training and Maker Party – August 5th, Mali
This event was an introduction to web education to equip individuals in the African education system with the tools they need to succeed. The program for the event included teaching the basics of the web including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS technologies using the Webmaker tools. Get more information here.
Maker Party @ Gangadevipally – August 7-9th, India
Being hosted in the village Gangadevipally, this events purpose was to bring the awareness of the open web to rural people while also teaching the web to hundreds of families living in the village. Read the blog post.

3D Factory

3D Factory

Maker Party at Coworking Monterrey – August 4th, Mexico
A 3D printing Maker Party where youth learned how to make their own Maker Party 3D logo’s!  Attendees even got to see how you could 3D print individuals, crowns and more. See pictures from the event here.



  • Watch this live tutorial on how to build an app without knowing any code on Appmaker.
  • Planning a Net Neutrality Maker Party? Find tips, tricks and support here.

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