Build and Play a Mini Arcade!

MinicadeEver dreamed of designing a video game but didn’t know where to start?
This year if you love arcade games you are going to  love a new webmaking activity to help you learn and teach the web; Minicade.
Minicade is a tool created by two stellar Webmakers; Chloe and Atul, that lets you work collaboratively to create and play  an arcade of mini web-based games. Driven by their desire to create a library for games created by  different  people that everyone could play Mincade allows each person can add a link to one or  more mini games to the Minicade and  instantly play them as one massive  game. The tool even allows games to have levels so they can increase in difficulty the more you play!
With Minicade you can try remixing one of the  pre-existing games or, if you’re slightly more advanced, build one from  scratch. Either way, four hours later, you’ll be astonished at how  addictive even the simplest games can be. (Why can’t I smash that  fly?!!) Fly Shot
With recent revisions to Minicade, minigames can now be hosted anywhere on the web, and remixed using Thimble, jsbin as well as many other tools. Feel free to leave them a comment or a  contribution!
So what are you waiting for? Explore it on your own or incorporate them into your next Maker Party! Kids of all ages will love the opportunity to   challenge each other to a video-game jam (especially if there is pizza  involved), and everyone will love the addictive, collaborative, mini-game fun. Get started by playing the Demo now!
You can read more about the development process for Minicade here.