Chicago, Newcastle, Brooklyn, Bhopal and more: A Maker Party event roundup

Every week, people in the community are throwing events all over the world to celebrate Maker Party. We’ve been showcasing many of those events and the cool things people are making on this blog, but there’s still more to share!

Writing their first line of code at a Maker Party in Newcastle, UK.

Writing their first line of code at a Maker Party in Newcastle, UK.


Here’s what happened this past week:


Chicago, USA
The Chicago Summer of Learning program finished off with a big bang by hosting their Summer Showcase. Organizations who participated in the summer of learning program by awarding badges and completing events with the youth of Chicago were on hand to showcase their work from the summer. As well, there was a Maker Party for youth to make and learn and a talent show to close out the event. Here is a sneak peek at some pictures and here is an article on the Mayor of Chicago announcing the wrap-up of Chicago Summer of Learning with the total number of badges earned and organizations involved.


Newcastle, UK
This Maker Party was a small event for young people to come to the Centre for Life in Newcastle and learn more about webmaking. By the end of the event, each attendee had written their first line of code! Here is an event blog post recap with pictures, news and links. You can also check out this etherpad for links to makes that were created by attendees during the day. Or you can check out this blog post from the perspective of one of the mentors who was busy teaching throughout the event.

Bhopal, India

Kitchen Tables are lots of fun, and they are easy to organize. This party organized by Vaibhav involved 7 of his peers who were eager to learn more about Webmaker tools. Learn more about this party and see some of the makes that were created in the short time in this blog post.  Learn more about having your own Kitchen Table here.

Brooklyn, USA

Storymakers Maker Party is happening today at the Brooklyn Public Library for kids 8-18. The event will feature hands-on activities that celebrate the fact that stories are as much fun to read as they are to make! Youth are creating an online comic strip, design and playtest video games, make a stop-motion animated short, or retell/remix your favorite story using digital media and the web. Check out this postcard make that was created by an attendee inviting a friend to the event.

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