What we're working on now

What we got done in the last Heartbeat

Check out the demos etherpad, watch the video, or check out the complete list of P1s and P2s. Some of what we got done:

  • Prepped for MWC (splash page, demo script, etc)
  • Webmaker App: shipped a feature-complete app. Plus a new install page. We’re ready for final polish & QA.
  • Prototyped a unified Webmaker tool for mobile + desktop
  • Webmaker Clubs curriculum — tested two curriculum activities w. 20 mentors. Created two more.
  • teach.webmaker.org homepage design — early design work ready for feedback
  • Net Neutrality campaign — Call Congress tool MVP is live & added to the advocacy site and will be added to petition.
  • book.webmaker.org — first draft documentation on how we work. Heartbeats, roles, P1s vs. P2s, where to file tickets and more. http://book.webmaker.org/

What we learned

  • Net Neutrality is an incredibly popular issue with our community. (147,000 signatures on our petition!) We are getting good at Advocacy.
  • Learning Networks team learned from user testing: mentors solve problems by connecting with other mentors (e.g. “Find an activity to teach in your classroom,” “Find a way to improve your own skills”)
  • Also: a bunch of stuff on how we can improve our process.

What we’re doing next

Learning Products

Getting ready for Mobile World Congress

  • MWC: Prepare App. Build MOI splash page. Ship install page. Finish demo script.
  • Refine MakerFox prototypes
  • Push forward with Unified Tool Prototypes
  • Release India field report. Prep Rio field report.
  • Create a plan for supporting legacy tools.

Learning Networks

Pushing ahead with work on teach.webmaker.org

  • Design teach.webmaker.org
  • Start building the teach.webmaker.org site: Phase 1
  • Ship Hive Toronto privacy badges, pages and claim codes
  • Create two more Webmaker Clubs activities. Test the previous two.


  • Net Neutrality Campaign (ongoing)


Discuss, decide and document: