New Firefox start page invites millions to learn a little code

Interactive start page gives users a taste of coding and digital creativity

For the first time ever, Firefox users will be able to play around with the code that makes up the familiar Firefox start page. A new experience launching today lets users change the background color of the page, peeking under the hood to remix the code that makes the page — and the web — work.
We hope it will give millions of Firefox users a taste of what it’s like to be a creator, not just consumer, of the Web. It’s easy to start coding and creating online, in the spirit of Mozilla Webmaker and our global Maker Party campaign to teach and learn digital skills.
The Firefox start page is viewed about 20 million times each day in the United States. This is the first time we’ve opened it up to users like this. To try it for yourself, just open a new Firefox window and click on the link below the search bar. Don’t see it yet? Just click here:

You can interact with the code that controls the page’s background color, watching the changes you make appear in real time. It’s a chance to learn a bit about HTML and CSS, the building blocks behind your favorite sites on the Web.
Of course, this is just a start — you can go further at to explore more tools for building, remixing, teaching and playing with code.

Maker Party

This new interactive Firefox start page comes in the final weeks of our global Maker Party campaign. Running from June 15 to September 15, Maker Party promotes web literacy through more than 2,000 hands-on teaching and learning events hosted by Mozilla community members in 400 cities around the world.

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