First Appmaker Milestone

A work-in-progress Appmaker logo

Our first official Appmaker Heartbeat Milestone was extra long and action-packed. Here’s what we got accomplished:
  • Thanks to Mike “Pomax” Kamermans, Scott Downe, and Simon Wex, Appmaker got better, faster, and stronger, and has more cross-browser support with updates to its Polymer-Web-Components-based infrastructure, and a data schema management UI and API for components.
  • Chris De Cairos helped Appmaker snuggle up to Webmaker by integrating Webmaker Login and MakeAPI.
  • Luke Pacholski hatched some new branding concepts, which will become headers, logos, and favicons soon (logo above is just a taste — more to come!).
  • John Bevan, Fuzzyfox, Adam Lofting, and Bobby Richter held a workshop in London with volunteers from UNICEF where fundraising and app-making collided.
  • Amira Dhalla, Michelle Thorne, and Bobby got busy planning activities for the upcoming MozCamp Beta.
  • Jess Klein created a meta-Teaching-Kit for Mobile Ideation, Design, and Creation.
  • Laila Takeh from UNICEF UK wrote a blog post about branding and reputation in a culture of digital makers.
And finally, a plan to release Appmaker Beta as a part of Maker Party was devised and sketched out into Heartbeat milestones. That means Appmaker will be a fully-fledged app-creation, app-learning, app-publishing, and app-sharing tool by July 15th! And, if bi-weekly updates aren’t enough for you, feel free to jump over to our github milestone page to see what we have planned.
For those of you who are keen on learning more, check out the Appmaker Progress wiki to see more details.