Playable fashion and hairy data: 12 ways to get involved with Webmaker now

Playable Fashion Afterschool Program for ages 14-18 at Eyebeam in New York City

  1. Teach the Web. Join our open online course any time. This week’s theme: the open, collaborative power of the web. Your mission: work with a colleague to make something about why the open web is important to you.
  2. Join Maker Party 2013. We’re going to get thousands of people together at events around the world from June 15 – Sept 15. To make, learn and #teachtheweb together. Join the party.
  3. Collusion. Sneak-peek demo of what’s coming in Collusion 1.0:  This week: working on integrating Collusion with video at the Mozilla/Tribeca Storytelling Innovation Lab.
  4. OpenNews: “hairy data-parsing problems from a journalist’s perspective” OpenNews Learning goes live on @source with a new journalism-code case study every Thursday. Check out the latest.
  5. Web Literacy Standard. Focusing on skills. Continuing work with community to define the skills underpinning Exploring, Building & Connecting strands.
  6. Webmaker version 2. Integrating login, makeAPI, unified nav and  front page of Follow along or dive into these tickets.
  7. Mozilla Ignite: the National Day of Civic Hacking event June 1-2; KC is looking for gigabit apps & services.
  8. Hive NYC. Hive  member meet-up tomorrow at Eyebeam, featuring Playable Fashion youth  share-out, HabitatMap and special appearance by the Hive Playable Fashion program
  9. Hive Toronto. Popcorn workshop with Hive members on Thursday led by Laura Hilliger.
  10. Open Badges. is sprinting to get ready for the Chicago Summer of Learning
  11. Software Carpentry. Webmaking for science. Doing a boot camp for the “Data Science for Social Good” fellowship program in Chicago June 4-5
  12. Join Mozilla. Let’s build a better web and world. Support great non-profit projects like these with a donation — and receive a coveted Firefox t-shirt to boot.