Manga gifs and cookie clicker: 10 great links for webmakers this week

Manga maker — HTML5 Manga gifs!
Google Coder — An open source project that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple platform to teach the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript within your web browser.

Everyday cybercrime — This great Ted Talk reveals how much data (including your home or office location) you’re giving out by simply sharing a selfie.
Gif dance party — Finally, FINALLY, you can invite all your favorite dancing memes to party on some giant sushi.

Break the internet — Fun things happen when artists hack the web.
@Qtechknow —  “I’m a 12 year old maker that loves Arduino and electronics. I run my own electronics company selling @ArduSensors and will be going to MIT in 5 years.”
Cookie clicker — Brace yourself for this incredibly dark, complex and unnerving experience. Wait, actually…just click the cookie.

Calvin & Hobbes meets Dune — The result of mashing up Bill Watterson’s brilliant comics with philosophy pulled from the pages of Dune.
Doom piano — Piano hacked to control the game Doom.
Bugzilla turns 15 — Mozilla’s issue tracker celebrates a notable anniversary.