Translating glasses and projection mapping: 7 great links for webmakers this week

Bisous les copains — Wonderful gifs from French artist Guillaume Kirkdjian.
Support free software — Richard Stallman’s impassioned Wired article on why we must win control of all the software we use.

Inner city kids & social media — “Teenagers know a lot more about privacy than we think, so what are they trying to tell us when they post?”

Projection mapping on moving objects — This incredible video was made by combining  robotics, projection mapping and automated cinematography.
Internet tips from 1994 — Some helpful suggestions from Mark Butler’s book ‘How to Use the Internet,’ including “although it is polite to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to a human, do not include these words in the messages you send to a listserv. They may confuse the machine.”
Toy Hacking and Robot Battle at Toronto Mini Maker Faire Toronto 2013-10-01 12-56-55
Toy hacking & robot battles — Hundreds of robots will enter the battle arena but only one will leave victorious! Toronto Mini Maker Faire will host an epic battle for kids.
Translating glasses — Japanese augmented reality glasses use character recognition technology to translate a menu in real time.