Turning touch into sound and cats in tights: 9 great links for webmakers this week

Touch Board — Transform touch into sound with this unbelievably cool, open source, Arduino-compatible device. The possibilities are endless.
Big brother bundle — A collection of big brother-themed games, graphic novels, documentaries, music and books curated by Wikileaks’ Daniel Domscheit-Berg. Pay what you want.

Remember How We Forgot — Vancouver-based poet Shane Koyczan gives a live performance of his astounding poem “Remember How We Forgot” accompanied by violinist Hannah Epperson.

Cats in tights — This was inevitable.
Command-line tools— Dutch data scientist Jeroen Janssens shares a selection of useful command-line tools for jq, json2csv, csvkit, scrape, xml2json, sample and Rio.
The Evolution of the Web 2013-11-05 13-29-28
Evolution of the web — This lovely visualization represents the relationship between open web  technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL and web browsers.
Attenborrowed — This #MozFest-inspired Miley Cyrus-David Attenborough mash-up finally makes sense of twerking.
Written? Kitten! — Just in time for #nanowrimo, this simple tool rewards you with a fresh kitten image when you hit a predetermined word count.

Accidental aRt — When data visualization goes beautifully wrong.