Data maps and good-looking wikis: 12 great links for webmakers this week

inFORM —  Stunning development by MIT’s Media Lab allows the digital manipulation of real objects using a Kinect sensor and a motorized board.
Should I use a carousel? — No, you shouldn’t.

Code Firefox — A great series of videos dedicated to outlining the process of becoming a Mozilla contributor, from start to finish.
Wind Map 2013-11-19 09-52-44
Wind map — A ‘living portrait’ of surface wind across the continental United States.
Girls Who Read — A short film portraying Mark Grist’s spoken word poem by Roundhouse Online Film Fund recipient Guy Larsen.
Padlet —  Do you dream of a good-looking wiki? Check out this devilishly simple web-based app that allows multiple people to add images, links, videos and documents to a shared page.

GravityLight — A $10 gravity-powered LED lantern that doesn’t need batteries, solar energy or dangerous kerosene.
Google glass autism hack — Realtime voice analysis using Google Glass for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder to help with job interviews (and dates!)
Social media experiment — Comedian Jack Vale pranks strangers using information they’ve shared on social media, highlighting the importance of understanding social network privacy settings.
Washington: A world apart | The Washington Post 2013-11-19 10-43-15
Super Zips — The Washington Post maps American zipcodes with the highest levels of income and education.
AWS re:Invent — Werner Vogels’ keynote from the recent gathering of developers from the AWS community.
Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL — Another link for AWS folks. Set up, operate and vertically scale PostgreSQL deployments in the cloud with the beta version of Amazon RDS.