Atari Breakout and Sad Rap: 7 great links for webmakers this week

A mobile, fire-breathing dragon, 90 feet long, that contains a lounge for 20, was created by Ryan C. Doyle and Teddy Lo for the World Maker Faire in 2011
Gear up for a Summer of Making and Connecting — great New York Times blog post about Maker Party 2013, including quotes from Mozilla’s Chris Lawrence.

It’s about following your interests, not being afraid to ask questions or make mistakes, and producing something real.

“Blocking trackers with Collusion” — a sneak peak at the upcoming Collusion 1.0, where you will not only be able to see who’s tracking you online, but also take steps to block them.

Google Image search ‘Atari breakout’ — then start playing! Check out other Google Easter eggs here.
Atari Breakout on Google image search
This CCS gradient tool — created by Microsoft. Actually pretty useful.
Learn how to use CSS box shadows — @Debloper created this great tutorial.
Gosling won't eat his cereal
Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal — Weird meme of the week. Funnier than it sounds.
Sad Rap — pretty much what it sounds like.

“Basically we represent the side of rap that isn’t being glorified…. We’re sad and proud.” — Little Pain