Celebrate India's 66th Independence Day with Webmaker

On August 15, India will be celebrating its 66th Independence Day. One of the three national holidays in India, it is observed in all states and union territories in the country. To celebrate, we are hosting a national Day of Remix!
Mozilla Wishes you Happy 66th Independence Day

India has an amazing community of learners and webmakers. Today, we’re inviting everyone to participate in the nation Day of Remix to celebrate Indian Independence! Here is a selection of re-mixable Makes to get you started:

Famous Indian Personalities

Remix this Thimble page to highlight a famous Indian from the past or present:

On This Day in Indian History

Remix the front page of a newspaper with important stories from India:
On This Day in History

The Culture of India

Add your own elements to this Popcorn video about India’s culture:

Proud to be Indian

Tell the world why you’re proud to be an Indian with this re-mixable Thimble page:
Would you like to find more Makes to remix? Simply search webmaker.org for India and press the green Remix button on any Popcorn Maker or Thimble project to make it your own.
We’d love to see what you make so remember to tweet us your creations at @webmaker
Have a great Indian Independence day!
Jai Hind!