Introducing New Ways to Connect with Mozilla Learning

MozFest 2015
In 2016, we aim to strengthen the relationships we have with our community, bringing not only our support and open/free resources, but also creating spaces to connect people across the globe and sharing stories, experiences and a diversity of voices along the way.
We’re excited to introduce a few new ways to connect with us, and with each other. Our goals are to:

  • Inform: Keep you up to date on Mozilla news, offerings, and opportunities.
  • Inspire: Share tools, resources, and stories to encourage engagement.
  • Celebrate: Recognize community members for their contributions.
  • Connect Leaders: Create spaces for people to come together, learn from, and work with each other.

Mozilla Curriculum Workshop
This monthly curriculum workshop series invites people to work with Mozilla staff and community members to prototype online teaching and learning materials. The big idea is to help people answer the question, “How can I use the web to teach and learn what’s important to me?”
Our hosts and a group of 3-4 guests will identify and hack on design problems together in a live webcast while viewers can interact on a shared agenda document and chat. We intend to continue the workshop monthly, every second Tuesday at 8 PM ET. Each episode will be archived for viewing at any time. Of course, we’re going to be learning and testing the process along the way!
The first workshop will be held Tuesday, March 8 at 1am UTC/ 8pm EST / 6:30am IST / 7am BST via the curriculum workshop event page.
Mozilla Learning Community Call
The community call provides the opportunity to connect in real time with Mozilla, our partners, and community members to network, ask questions, and share thoughts and ideas on how to #teachtheweb. The call time will fluctuate to accommodate different time zones so as many people can participate as possible. If you miss a call, the recordings will be available for viewing at any time.
Mozilla Learning Community Call
The first community call will be held Wednesday, March 23 at 11am ET/ 4pm UTC/ 5pm CET/ 9:30pm IST via the community call event page. Our theme for the first call will be tied to International Women’s Day, and we’ll explore topics related to teaching women and girls, such as:

  • Best practices for engaging girls around the web and technology
  • Real life case studies of programs and organizations that focus on girls and the web
  • Open resources specifically for women and web literacy

Mozilla Learning Newsletter
Our monthly newsletter serves as a brief update highlighting topics such as:

  • Teaching activities and how you can use and remix them
  • A community spotlight featuring an individual, club, or partner who is doing inspiring work
  • Upcoming events
  • Announcements from Mozilla Learning

You can sign up to receive the newsletter here.
Tweet Chat
For those that are active on Twitter, we’ll also host a monthly, public discussion about key trends/issues, current opportunities, and challenges related to our efforts to teach web literacy and digital skills.
The next Tweet Chat will take place Thursday, March 31 hosted by @Mozteach. Follow us on Twitter for more details as the date gets closer.
@MozTeach Twitter
You can also follow @MozTeach for regular updates and reminders about these monthly events. Please send any suggestions or feedback to us at