Introducing three new Webmaker contribution badges!

Teaching Kit Remixer badge  Web Literacy Skill Sharer badge  Event Host badge
As Maker Party continues, we’re continuing to listen to feedback from the Webmaker community. Based on comments from people like you, we’ve launched three additional badges to join the existing 18 Webmaker badges:

These badges recognise a lower (but still significant) level of participation and contribution by community members.
The Teaching Kit Remixer badge is issued to those who have remixed a Teaching Kit or Activity, while the Web Literacy Skill Sharer badge is issued to those who have shared elements of web literacy. Organizing an event to teach the web earns you the Event Host badge – so, as you can see, hosting a Maker Party could earn you all three!
Community members have already started to earn these badges. As ever, we’re looking forward to your feedback.

We’re still tweaking our badge offerings, working on contribution pathways, and designing a user-facing landing page for all of these badges. While we do so, you can access the other 18 badges via the following links:

Are you an existing Webmaker Mentor or Super Mentor? You should be able to follow the existing guidance to issue these badges!