Join us for a #Thimblechat: Remix the School Year w/ Thimble

To celebrate the recent re-launch of Thimble, we’re hosting a tweetchat and you’re invited!
Here are the details:

  • When: Wednesday, September 23, 8pm ET / 6pm UTC

  • Where: Twitter, follow #thimblechat, @Mozteach

  • What: Remix the School Year w/ Thimble Tweetchat

We’re looking forward to a discussion about bringing web literacy into the classroom–what it might look like today, and how we might support teachers and learners moving forward as they explore new skills like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the specific questions we’ll ask. Take some time to think about your responses so you’re ready chat!

  • What kinds of offline or analog activities do you use to #teachtheweb?
  • How do you help struggling learners grasp basic web literacy concepts?
  • Thimble lets you create projects with multiple pages, like a website. How could you imagine using that feature in your teaching and learning?
  • What other tools do you use to teach learners how to read, write, and participate on the Web?

Want to join in the conversation but haven’t yet tried Thimble?

Here are some activities to play with (and remix) ahead of time.

  • My Six-Word Summer –
  • Remix My Schedule –
  • Homework Excuse Generator –

Mozilla Thimble