July Community Call: Serving Youth Around the World

July’s Mozilla Learning Community Call featured guest speakers Gilad Cohen, founder of the non-profit JAYU that shares human rights stories through the arts, and Tina Verbo, volunteer Mozilla Representative for Mozilla Philippines. Gilad and Tina discussed their inspiring local projects and how they strive to make an impact on those they serve.
Here are a few key takeaways and reflection questions from the call:

  • Gilad stressed that his experience and passion on a personal level is what sparked the creation of JAYU. How is your work being fueled by your own personal experiences, passions and motivations?
  • Working hand-in-hand with the community you are serving will allow for an accurate, respectful, and real representation of their situation and needs. What are important experiences and lessons you’ve learned that help others improve web literacy skills in a safe, welcoming environment?
  • Mozilla Philippines is learning that it takes a lot of hard work and willing contributors to translate curriculum, resources, and tools into local languages to help a community learn web literacy skills. What can you do to help provide access to open source tools and resources to your local community?

Watch the community call in full below: