Kampala Maker Party

In Kampala, Uganda, Mozillian Lawrence Kisuuki organized the first ever Webmaker mentor training at the Hive Colab as part of the global Maker Party.

The event kicked off with a “hack dance,” an ingenious way to illustrate that whether you’re writing code or shaking your booty on the dance floor, hacking is all about using your skills and passion to iterate on other people’s creations.

The group then brainstormed how to harness the power of the internet, coming up with ideas like building a program to locate taxis and designing a way for children to participate in school activities while at home.
After remixing webpages with Thimble, participants spent some time learning how to throw successful webmaking events . Multi-lingual attendees were encouraged to help engage people in rural areas not fluent in English.

“I interacted with several passionate mentors and it felt good to see happy webmakers learn and make. It didn’t feel like a training but like a collaborative exchange of knowledge and ideas on hacking the web. To sum it all up: Awesome. Teaching. Making. Fun.” — Lawrence Kisuuki, Mozilla Community Manager

We’re particularly excited about Lawrence’s event because it focused on training new mentors, who will in turn lead webmaking workshops and tour schools in Uganda. These “train the trainer” events help build local capacity and broad communities who care about teaching the web.

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