Learning the Web in 9 New Languages with Offline Icebreakers

Providing resources to help teach the web in local communities across the world is an important part of our mission. To further our commitment, we launched a campaign in November to rally volunteers from our communities to help localize the “Offline Icebreakers”  teaching activities.
The response from our communities to this campaign was fantastic. In the first week, we had 11 community members sign-up. The pool of volunteers was quite diverse, and included teachers, club members, localizers, and others, all eager to help us in this campaign. It was inspiring to witness them collaborate and work together to localize curriculum in their languages.
With that said, possibly the most significant learning from this exercise was that this diverse set of community members is not only enthusiastic about helping Mozilla strengthen its commitment to web literacy, but is keen on getting involved in the process. Their feedback in this campaign has been incredibly valuable to us and is helping us further refine and improve future localization efforts.
While we have plans to integrate the contributions from this campaign into the Activities section of our Learning website, we do want to first showcase their amazing work here. Below you can find a list of the localized activities.

If you enjoyed contributing to this campaign or are interested in contributing to making curriculum globally relevant and accessible, stay tuned for more information about how to get involved in localization projects in the future.