"Lo-Fi No-Fi" Teaching Kit v1 Published!

Editor’s Note: This is a re-post by Webmaker’s Codesign Lead Kat Braybrooke.

After a few months of hacking and building, we are happy to ship v1 of the Lo-Fi, No-Fi! Teaching Kit. This kit, aimed at helping educators teach the web offline, was started in partnership with the community this April and has involved the work of more than 15 authors in a variety of different regions.
To meet the needs in a variety of lo-fidelity and offline settings, the kit has been divided into three sets of activities that can be mixed and matched depending on the environment:
1) No-fi games and simulations
2) Lo-fi and paper-based activities
3) Getting creative with limited connectivity and devices

Each activity explores the Web Literacy Map in a new way using creative methods and unexpected materials. Highlights include:
A lesson in mesh networking techniques by Team Mesh;
A paper-based speed dating activity that teaches web mechanics, by HIVE NYC Programme Manager Julia Vallera;
A Spanish translation of the Teaching Kit Design Canvas activity by Alvar Maciel;
A notebook hacking exercise to work with simple electronics, by Chad Sansing, Jen Dick, Jie Qi and David Cole with the National Writing Project;
A beginner’s guide to creative game-makery, by designer Chloe Varelidi;
A recipe for creating lo-fi Webmaker clubs in Indian schools by the Sathyabama Firefox Club;
An urban storytelling field manual by Andi Argast and Michelle Gay at the University of Toronto; and
The Mobile Design Ideation Kit by designer Jess Klein.

While we are all excited to have v1 shipped and in the wild, this kit is very much a work in progress. We would love to see these activities translated into a variety of languages. We’d also love to see contributions from authors located in developing or recently-connected regions, as well as from educators, hackers and designers and who have new ideas for teaching the web in unexpected places. We would also love to see more activities that implement the use of SMS and lo-fi devices. Get in touch online to submit an activity for v2!
Lastly, my co-facilitator Karen Smith and I would like to send a special thank you to collaborators Chad Sansing, Julia Vallera, Jess Klein, Chloe Varelidi, Ginger Coons, Team Mesh, Digital Corps, Laura Hilliger, Radio Rookies, Jeannie Crowley, Jen Dick, Jie Qi, David Codle, Andi Argast, Michelle Gay, Alvar Maciel and the Sathyabama Firefox Club for their wonderful contributions to bring v1 together.

Get Involved

  • This kit is an open source project built by the Mozilla community. Explore it and get in touch to tell us what’s missing, or contribute an activity.
  • Hosting a lo-fi or no-fi event this summer? Get it added to Maker Party, our annual campaign of making and learning.