London, Ivory Coast, Pittsburgh and more: A Maker Party event roundup

Every week, people in the community are throwing events all over the world to celebrate Maker Party. We’ve been showcasing many of those events and the cool things people are making on this blog, but there’s still more to share!

Event recap done in comic form at the Hive Pittsburgh event with Sprout Fund.

Event recap done in comic form at the Hive Pittsburgh event with Sprout Fund.


Here’s what happened this past week:


Abidjan, Ivory Coast
The first Maker Party took place on last weekend in Abidjan, Ivory Coast! A large group of individuals were introduced to Webmaker tools, taken through HTML basics and taught how to create a documentary using Popcorn Maker. Here’s a quick visual of what was happening during the day.


Toronto, Canada
Hundreds attended a two-day intensive PyCon Canada’s Maker Party for youth and it looked like a blast. Individuals learned how to remix and create their own websites, videos, and more with Mozilla’s Webmaker tools. Check out some of these cool remixes using X-Ray Goggles here and here.

London, England

The second edition of Popathon Creative Jam in London took place on the weekend. This creative hack jam gave attendees a hands-on experience creating interactive stories that are truly part of the web. Individuals learned how to hack movies with open source tools and an attendee created this new video remix.

Pittsburgh, USA

At the Hive Pittsburgh Maker Party  with Sprout Fund hundreds celebrated the ending of summer by enjoying live music, food and all kinds of hands-on maker activities and learning stations in one of the coolest lab spaces in Pittsburgh. Check out the Thimble comic being made in this picture or the robots being made in this video. Sprout Fund put up a blog post recap with more information.

Durgapur, India
Hosting an event can be easy to do with a few friends like done at this Kitchen Party in Durgapur, India where college students were taught advanced knowledge of HTML, how to remix a video with Popcorn Maker, how to hack the web with X-Ray Goggles and design a new web page with Thimble. Sounds like it was a busy kitchen party in this blog recap of the event.


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