Girl Power: Webmaker joins Google's "Made with Code"

We’re excited to participate in Google’s new Made with Code initiative! The goal: inspire millions of girls to experience the power of code through creativity and making.
Made with Code is all about women and girls aged 13 – 18 connecting code to their own interests — from making music and fashion to creating apps that serve their local communities.
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Helping girls learn HTML and web literacy

Mozilla Webmaker is a lead contributor to Made With Code. To celebrate, we created three new projects that make it easier for first-timers to dig into HTML, the language that makes up the web.
New tutorials walk users through each step, making it self-directed and easy to make your first web page, a movie poster or “meme” using a bit of HTML and CSS. For many girls, this will be their first introduction to code — and an initial step towards learning about the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the web.

Spreading web skills across the globe

There’s more girl coding power coming in this year’s Maker Party, Mozilla’s global campaign to teach and learn the web this summer.  Exceptional partners are joining to spread web literacy, coding skills and more to girls around the globe, including:

  • Tech-Girls — based in Charlottesville, VA and created by Webmaker mentor Kim Wilkens, aka TechKim, Tech-Girls is about engaging girls in computing through sparking interest, building confidence, and nurturing community. Kim has created tons of resources for other educators and mentors to share these skills.
  • Geek Girls Carrots based in Poland, Berlin and Seattle, they host regular meet-ups and workshops to bring girls together with mentors to develop and up-level their coding skills.
  • Girls Learning Code — based in Toronto, they host successful workshops and camps that are “less about ‘code’ and more about changing the world – through teamwork, creativity, and, of course, technology.”

Geek Girls Carrots

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