Maker Party 2014 kick-off events

Last week, Mozilla kicked off Maker Party in style with events around the world that featured hands-on making, learning, collaboration and of course fun!
Mozillians in 13 Mozilla spaces around the world came together to celebrate teaching and learning with special kick-off events. At each office individuals participated in Appmaker sessions where they saw demo’s of the newly launched Appmaker product, as well as a real-time tutorials on how to modify an app to create your own songs. You can watch the live-stream from the Appmaker session in Toronto below!

Each space also received a custom designed 1000-piece Maker Party jigsaw puzzle which was a resounding success, and sparked fierce competition between the offices as each group battled to complete their puzzles in the shortest time possible. It’s great to remind the community that Maker Party events are meant to be hands-on, interactive, collaborative and learning about the web can even happen offline. Working together on a puzzle like below or solving HTML puzzles are the stepping stones to understanding how the web works.


Each office put their own spin on the events and made them their own to successfully show Mozillians around the world how fun and rewarding it is to throw a Maker Party. Special thanks to our hosts and teachers around the world who were able to make it happen.

If you want a closer look at the Maker Party kick-off events in the Mozilla spaces check out below and click on the images to be taken to more photos.

Maker Party Toronto
Maker Party Vancouver

Click this image to hear the song app they made in Mountain View!

Read this awesome Event Report from William R!
San Fran

Tai Pei