Who are you inviting to Maker Party?

Maker Party is almost here and we’re pretty excited! Here’s what you can look forward to:
Starting June 15, people around the world are going to meet up, make cool stuff and share it all online.
Events will include everything from workshops and code-a-thons to teen tech bashes and father-daughter hack jams at libraries, community centers, hacker spaces and homes across the globe. Sounds fun, right? It will be!
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Last year’s party saw more than 700 events in 80 countries. This year’s going to be even bigger.
Check out what a few of our great Maker Party Partners have planned:

  • Black Girls Code will run 10 coding workshops in across Africa and the U.S.
  • The National Writing Project is organizing summer camps to create stories online and at local writing centers.
  • Intel is hosting a summer camp for girls on app development and robotics.
  • The MIT Media Lab is inviting kids to program stories, games and animations.
  • DIY.org will make 250,000 projects with kids
  • The Maker Education Initiative will teach teachers
  • Girl Scout troops will issue merit badges for digital skills

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Everything kicks off June 15 and keeps rolling all summer long. The beauty of a worldwide Maker Party is that it includes hundreds of events and hack jams spread out over many weeks. This way, you can get creative wherever and whenever works for you.
Want to keep it low-key? Why not gather friends and family in your kitchen or living room and learn some new web skills together? Share your work online and you can participate in the global Maker Party without ever leaving your house!
With only two weeks left till the kickoff, it’s time for you to think about who you’re going to invite. Which of your friends would be fun to hack with? Got an aunt who’s handy with a laptop? That girl from your soccer team seems pretty creative. Send an invite and start making plans: http://webmaker.org/party
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Our favorite sound is the excited buzz of people connecting at an event, coming together and hacking on awesome things. Soon, that electrifying energy is going to be blazing around the world. Can’t wait to be a part of it with you!