Hack this poster: How to make a website for your own blockbuster movie

It’s always exciting to see which Webmaker projects people gravitate toward. Since the Maker Party started three weeks ago, one of the most popular projects has been the remixable movie poster:
the sunset

Originally designed by Numiko, the poster has been hacked in some fun and sassy ways. Check out some of our favorite remixes:
Mustache killerblack cats
The roommatesSuperfan
SenegalPost carolina
Operation butterflySpacewolf
Now it’s your turn! You can remix the poster in 10 minutes or less and learn a little HTML while you’re at it.
Simply view the original or any of the versions above that you’d like to hack, press the green remix button in the upper right corner and fire away. Everything on the page, from the background image to the text, can be altered.  Publish your poster, share the link with your friends and ask them to remix your work… that’s what Webmaker is all about!
Ready to take it a step further? Host a Maker Party event where participants can remix this poster together. Ibrahima Sarr, a teacher and Mozilla Rep in Gruchet-le-Valasse, France, did just that when he and 20 of his students got together one Saturday morning  to learn some HTML. Read Ibrahima’s blog about his event and check out some of the posters he and his students hacked.

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