MozFest 2014: Spotlight on "Build and Teach the Web"

This is the eighth post in a series featuring interviews with the 2014 Mozilla Festival “Space Wranglers,” the curators of the many exciting programmatic tracks slated for this year’s Festival.
For this edition, we chatted with Paul Oh, Christina Cantrill, Chad Sansing, Antero Garcia, and Jane Park, the Space Wranglers for the Build and Teach the Web track. Participants in this track will keep the web wild through hands-on making with innovative tools and teaching the web as a commnunity.
What excites you most about your track?
We have a rich array of sessions planned that cover an incredible range of web building and teaching possibilities, from hack days with youth in a science center to game building. And all our sessions will radiate around a central hub of making, building and collaborating, focused on the idea of teaching what you build—in other words, helping others see what it is that you yourself make. Anyone passing by the hub is welcome to drop in, hang out, mess around, and geek out with us!
Who are you working with to make this track happen?
We have an amazing set of facilitators from organizations around the world. A couple of highlights: the folks involved with Inanimate Alice will be launching their next session as part of our track. CoderDojo will be engaging people at MozFest with their amazing work. As will Creative Commons. As will engineers and educators from Mozilla itself. We could go on and on–the list of incredible facilitators feels endless!

How can someone who isn’t able to attend MozFest learn more or get involved in this topic?
You can follow the hashtag #mozfest on Twitter, of course. And also #teachtheweb. We’re also planning for the possibility of a Live from MozFest through Educator Innovator so stay tuned for more info!


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