MozFest 2014: Spotlight on "Science and the Web"

This is the fifth post in a series featuring interviews with the 2014 Mozilla Festival “Space Wranglers,” the curators of the many exciting programmatic tracks slated for this year’s Festival.
For this edition, we chatted with Kaitlin Thaney, the Space Wrangler for the Science and the Web track. Participants in this track will examine the potential of the open web to redefine how we experiment, analyze and share scientific knowledge.
What excites you most about your track?
This year we’ll build off the momentum of the global hackathon we had in July. We’re hosting a two-day sprint on projects around libraries, authoring tools for research, visualization, open data, and educational resources. I’m very excited to be experimenting with this format, since it worked so well during our summer sprint.

Who are you working with to make this track happen?

We have so many wonderful partners! We’re working with GitHub, CERN, the New York Public Library, iPython Notebook, Zooniverse, the Knight Lab, Propublica, School of Data, BioMed Central, the Wellcome Trust, and a number of others. We’re also thrilled to have mentors from our instructor community joining us.

How can someone who isn’t able to attend MozFest learn more or get involved in this topic?
We’ll be posting links to planning etherpads and repositories so that others can get involved. We’ll also be working to capture as much of the activity into teaching kits, resources, and write-ups to share after the event.



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