MozFest 2014: Spotlight on "Source Code for Journalism"

This is the third post in a series featuring interviews with the 2014 Mozilla Festival “Space Wranglers,” the curators of the many exciting programmatic tracks slated for this year’s Festival.
For this edition, we chatted with Erika Owens, the Space Wrangler for the Source Code for Journalism track. Participants in this track will design next-generation web solutions to solve critical issues facing news organizations and help journalism thrive on the open web.
What excites you most about your track?
It’s been awesome to see the journalism track evolve over the past few years, and continue to build connections across other tracks at MozFest and between events. This year was the first time OpenNews hosted our own conference, SRCCON, which was heavily inspired by MozFest. Several sessions are coming to MozFest from SRCCON or from last year’s MozFest, so it’s going to be great to see how these sessions take shape and expand beyond the conferences.
Who are you working with to make this track happen?
Our growing community of Knight-Mozilla Fellows is contributing several sessions (plus, we get to welcome the 2015 class of Fellows at MozFest). News nerds from organizations around the United States and Europe are also participating, as well as several folks from the civic hacking community.
How can someone who isn’t able to attend MozFest learn more or get involved in this topic?
Keep up with our community calls for updates before and after the festival. We’ll recap parts of the event and have follow up on our site Source as well.


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