MozFest 2014: Spotlight on "Web in Your Pocket"

This is the second post in a series featuring interviews with the 2014 Mozilla Festival “Space Wranglers,” the curators of the many exciting programmatic tracks slated for this year’s Festival.
For this edition, we chatted with Bobby Richter, the Space Wrangler for the Web in Your Pocket track. Participants in this track will explore opportunities in the booming world of the open web on mobile. They’ll also experiment and tinker to customize their own experience on their phones.
What excites you most about your track? 
The sheer amount of Appmaking! We’ve got a Megabooth specifically for making apps—no matter whether it’s your first time, third time, twentieth time, or millionth time! We’ll feature all sorts of interesting app-creation methods from around the internet and around the world. Of course, the supplementary in-depth content is nothing to scoff at—we’ll be brainstorming about all facets of the future of mobile and the web.
Who are you working with to make this track happen?
Over the past year we’ve been chatting with a lot of different people in the world of Appmaking, and we’re excited to be working with them on MozFest. Specifically, we’ve been working with a lot of Mozilla Reps, as well as companies like Snapp from Chile, AppShed from the UK, and more.
How can someone who isn’t able to attend MozFest learn more or get involved in this topic?
Stay tuned for #mozfest tweets, reams of app ideas in picture and pen, and galleries of fresh-made template apps on
Thanks, Bobby!
Stay tuned for more interviews with MozFest Space Wranglers.