MozFest: KC to London

Mozilla Festival

MozFest 2014: KC to London with the Oculus Rift

“Finally through security w/#kcmcrft Oculus Rift…pat down required.” Andrea Ellis @KCDML (tweet at MCI)

Traveling to London for my first-ever MozFest was an exciting experience. The unknown… What was it?

MozFest… they called it!

Taxiing, yes driving, on the Toronto runway for it seemed the better of 20 minutes (no exaggeration) caused a bit of worry we would miss the next flight. So, when we finally deplaned the only thing to do was RUN through the airport… Felt a little like the McCallister’s!


Home Alone (1990) –(c) 20th Century Fox

                               Up and down empty corridors, through perfume departments, around blind corners hoping to avoid anyone on the other side, yet hoping we would soon see another person, proved for an interesting trek. All we could do was yell, “On your left” as we raced down the moving sidewalks dodging women and children and a man on crutches.

(No animals were harmed in the writing of this)

Out of breath… we made it to the gate only to hear, “Ladies, please step to the side… sorry, your bags didn’t make it so we booked you on the next plane to London.” Really!!! Ok… the silver lining: We’ll cheer on our World Series baseball team in the airport restaurant. Go Royals!!!




Journey to the Tube… by day!



Unpacked then off to the Mozilla Office | London Style. Meeting real Mozillians in the flesh. Gunner warmed up the crowd with a go around… Who are you? Where are you from? And… give a word to describe how you feel? Excited, Energized, and Hungry was heard more than once…

Pass him some chips… or crisps?…or something!

Michelle detailed the days to come. Mark enlightened us. It all became clear. MozFest

Hive Global Meet Up

Passports handed out… check.
What is Hive… check.
Where are you from… check.
You want to start a Hive… We’re here to tell you how… check!

There we were in the Hive Network web strung with people from across the globe. Established Hives and Emerging Communities joined forces from Africa, India, Canada, NYC and even Chattanooga, to name a few! We were there to build!


Great mix of minds, ideas, culture, and hard work. Everyone came together for one reason… Make Hive Strong!

Science Fair:

Hive KC brought Andrea Ellis from the Kansas City Library’s Digital Media Lab to showcase her Gigabit Community Fund project: Minecraft with Oculus Rift.

Thank goodness she made it through security!



It was a showstopper!! People were lined up to take turns. Watching someone use the Oculus was a treat in itself. All smiles, and “Wow, that was cool”, “I wish I had one at home”, “My kids would love this”, “Whoa, I’m dizzy”, were common reactions after using it.

The Hive Stage… Solving Challenges


GandJ HIVEMeetphoto 5

Post-its = Ideas, Solutions, Challenges, Experiences, Hopes

Maker Party

You Can’t Have a Mozilla Event without a Maker Party!!! Build, Create, Learn, Fun!!!

Loved that kids taught me how to make stop motion video. Giant anaconda attacking a man was exactly my idea of an Emmy Award winning short film… Action, movement, anaconda won… perfect!


The Art Space

Fun for all… Do!

Draw something! It appeared and moved under the sea!



Mixing words, meanings, art… Create!


 a little espresso humor…

Closing Remarks and Mozilla Thanks!!!


From inspiring speakers: Beeban Kidron and Mark Surman, to the fabulous Science Fair, Maker Party, Hive Space, Energizing Gunner, Passport Stations, Espresso Bar, Meeting new MoFo’s, Friendly Smiles, Excited Kids, 9 floors of Fun, Robots, Webmaker, Art, Tech, Talent, Creativity, Thought Provoking Sessions, Bringing Dreams to Life, Lights, Camera, Action!

MozFest… Truly Amazing!!!


Good Night, Ben