Q&A with the NYC Makery

We love discovering Maker Party events that focus on innovative learning in the community and the NYC Makery pop-up makerspace really caught our eye.  Part shop and part workshop, this pop-up makerspace welcomes individuals to stop in to play and make with technology. They also run workshops on a variety of topics including 3D printing, flight and aerial photography, making your own audio speakers, toy hacking, game design, building an Arduino controlled gardening system and more.

The Makery Pop-up Space

The NYC Makery Pop-up Space

We had the chance to sit down with the co-founder of the NYC Makery, Hsing Wei, to ask her a few questions:


What is the NYC Makery?

The NYC Makery is a pop-up makerspace – part shop & part workshop.  A movable and temporary venue where youth and adults are encouraged to be curious, to tinker, to experiment, and to make with technology.  We transform art galleries, storefronts, and street spaces into pop-up community makerspaces where communities can gather to play with the creative power of digital design and fabrication, physical computing, and computer programming.

Why are you hosting this event?

While the NYC Makery has no permanent space…yet, we aim through a series of pop-up makerspaces, to experiment and design new experiences and workshops that explore the joy and power of making with technology.  This is one of our many on-going pop-up makerspaces.


Why is it important for youth and adults to make things with technology?

If you have a few minutes, watch this TEDx Talk and this short film about making Makerspaces and inspiring STEAM (learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).


What is it like to be a mentor at events like this?

Everyone is given the space to try on their own and help each other out.


Inside the Makery Pop-up Space

Inside the Makery Pop-up Space


What is the feedback you usually get from people who attend your pop-up events?

Usually smiles, “ohhs” and satisfaction from figuring out and creating something.


Why is it important for people and organizations to get involved in Maker Party?

It’s always helpful to be a part of a community of people teaching and learning new skills.


Tell us what you’re most excited for at the event?

The people…the surprises as we make…a backyard to try launching devices…everything!

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