Let's get this party started!

Mozilla has officially kicked off the 2013 Maker Party!


Webmakers in Kampala

A Maker Party in Kampala, Uganda – June 2013

For the next three months, people from around the world are meeting up at great events, making cool stuff together and sharing it all online.

Join the party

Want to join in on the fun? Visit webmaker.org and search for an event in your hometown. You’ll find coding workshops, summer camps, media labs, hack jams and more. Invite your friends with this invitation.

Host your own event

Have a great idea you’d like to hack with others? We’ve put together some easy-to-use event guides to help you plan a Maker Party event of your own. We’ve laid out every step, from considering who to invite to making sure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

Lone wolves are welcome

Hacking with others is fun, but some of us work best on our own. Check out our great tools, Thimble and Popcorn Maker, and make something original or remix and mash up the work of other party goers.

Share your work

Highlight your work, tag it with #makerParty and connect with participants from around the globe.

Party Partners

This year, an incredible group of Maker Party partner organizations are helping us offer a truly diverse range of events. From CERN’s Citizen Cyberspace Centre and the New York Hall of Science to the National Writing Project and IndieWebCamp check out these amazing organizations and learn how you can connect with their events.

Get Involved

Remember, the Maker Party runs until September 15 so you’ve got plenty of time to: 

Join an event, invite your friendshost your own party and share your work with the world. We’ll highlight some great events and post our favorite creations as they start rolling in.


We’re here to help. Please contact us at: makerparty@mozilla.org