Popathon workshops teach Popcorn through collaboration

Here’s something cool: Philo van Kemenade, a creative technologist from London and Gilles Pradeau, a documentary filmmaker from France, have teamed up to run Popathon Europe, a series of open-source interactive online video storytelling workshops as part of the global Maker Party.

The idea began when Philo and Gilles met through the Popcorn.js mailing list. Before long, the two joined forces to host an event in London.
“We started the Popathon events because we felt a great wish for people to try their hand at creating interactive online video stories. Hypervideo and web-native storytelling attracts people from different backgrounds and we quickly realized that we could learn so much from each other by making things together.  That’s what we do in the hack jams  — under a healthy bit of time pressure while having a lot of fun!” – Philo van Kemenade, Popathon Co-Founder
Check out these videos that participants hacked at the first workshop in London:

Buoyed by the success of the London event, Philo and Gilles headed to Portugal where they connected and inspired webmakers at a second workshop in the beautiful city of Lisbon. True to the Maker Party spirit, the focus of these Popathon events is making:

“People can bring their own ideas and projects, but the deadline is strict: at the end of the event everyone comes together for a demo session where teams present their creations to the group.  We particularly aim to bring together filmmakers, graphic designers and web developers, but everyone with a story to tell is welcome.” – Philo van Kemenade, Popathon Co-Founder
Next, the duo will return to London for a second edition, two-day Popathon on August 10 and 11, 2013 and will head to Barcelona, Spain later this year. Visit Popathon.org to learn more and sign up for events.
Inspired by Philo and Gilles? Why not take part in the global Maker Party by hosting your own event. We’ve got detailed guides to show you how.

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