Privacy Matters, Today and Everyday

Today is Data Privacy Day and we think it’s a great opportunity to get smart about your online privacy. If you are anything like us, you probably spend a large part of your daily life online which means understanding and controlling our online privacy is one of the most important skills of our age. It’s critical to the future of the open Web.
We are celebrating Data Privacy Day with a few simple actions you can take – resources to help raise your privacy IQ, some simple activities so you can help others learn more about their privacy online and ways to participate with the Mozilla community as we explore the privacy issue. Learn more about each below:

  • Visit our Data Privacy Day website to learn more about privacy issues with four easy steps to help you get smart on privacy.
  • Gather a group of friends, family or students and complete the Webmaker “Private Eye” activity. It’s a quick lesson that can create a real “Wizard of Oz” moment by pulling back the curtain to see who’s watching you on the Web.
  • Join us for a real-time privacy conversation on Twitter. Our Executive Director, Mark Surman, will be answering questions during a Twitter chat today at 2:00 pm EST, along with thought leaders from Duck Duck Go, McAfee, and the Center for Democracy and Progress. Just be sure to tweet @Mozilla or follow along at #PrivacyChat!
  • Participate in our monthly Teach the Web talk today at 3 pm EST. Stacy Martin, Senior Manager for Privacy and Engagement, will be joining us to talk about how to be smart with your Privacy online. Join the google hangout here.

Empowering people to be in control of their online lives is an important part of  our mission – it is core to our principles and it’s why we want everyone to be smart on privacy. If you feel like we’ve helped raise your privacy IQ, help your friends and family raise theirs. It’s as easy as starting a conversation.