Québec, Venezuela, Philippines: A Last Week Maker Party Roundup

Maker Party By The Numbers:
Total events during Maker Party: 2,500+
Individuals attending Maker Party events:  125,000+
Number of cities hosting Maker Party events: 450+
Thank you for joining us on this mission to help teach the web!  We are currently rounding-up our final numbers, and we can’t wait to share what a success the past few months has been with all of you. Until then, we leave you with this final Maker Party weekly recap.
Remember to share badges (or collect one yourself!) with those who helped teach during Maker Party!

Here’s what happened last week:

Maker Festival Manila – September 13-14th, Philippines
This two-day event was the first time the maker community in the Philippines has gathering together to showcase the work they are doing and help teach others. Together, web inventors, thinkers, enthusiast and users of all ages gathers at a local mall to showcase everything from 3D printing, to robotics, to privacy applications. Read more about the event on the site.
Maker Party Wellington – September 13th, New Zealand
Over 140 makers, tinkerers, and coders young and old descended upon the Miramar Community Centre for three hours of innovation and learning. Participants were able to see live demos of 3D sculpting and modeling with The Wellington Makerspace, create amazing LED lanterns with Fabriko and much more. Learn more in the event report-out.
#NetNeutrality Venezuala – September 13th, Venezuela
This Maker Party hosted by Laboreando was aimed at helping current and future generations gain the skills and confidence they need to learn about remixing content on the web. The event was aimed at web enthusiasts aged 16-25, and focused on how they can make the web a part of our culture. Read more about the event on the site.
Discover/Make/Teach: Mozilla Webmaker Party at Concordia University – September 15th, Québec
This workshop was attended by elementary and high school teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers, media-makers, community groups, and those interested in making media. At the workshop, participants learned more about the pedagogical aspects of the Webmaker tools and the and possibilities of technology, and took part in fun, interactive and media-based workshops. Find out more information here.
Girls-only Appmaker Coderdojo – September 13th, The Netherlands
The Amsterdam Coder Dojo hosted a girls-only event, which was also facilitated by only females, to teach the basics of developing apps using Appmaker. In just a few hours attendees were taught how to develop their first app and share it with friends. Find out more on the event page.
 Olabi Maker Party – September 13 -14, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
On the 13th and 14th of September Olabi Maker Party invited web ninjas and makers to teach and share their experiences with over 200 people on a sunny weekend in Rio across 18 different activities. We learned and played with: WordPress, Creative Coding, Creating Robots with Arduino, Open Source mesh networks, Big Data, Mobile apps, Art using Machines, Prototyping with 3D printers, and Wearables. We even played with Lasers and a two-hundred thousand volt Tesla Coil. See more about the Maker Party here.



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