Remix and Connected Learning in practice

How can remixing help us learn? And how do we apply Connected Learning principles to make teaching and mentoring more active, relevant and social?

That was the focus of week two of our open online course, Teach the Web. Special thanks to Matt Jukes for creating the Storify below capturing highlights. (This is just a small sample — dive into the full G+ discussion here).
[View the story “week two #webmakerwins” on Stori

Openness and the open web: building a big tent together

Next up: this week Teach the Web is all about the open web and how it facilitates open communities of practice. Dive in or get involved — you can join in any time.

  • Dive into this week’s tasks. Tasks will be posted on Tuesday here
  • Join this week’s Twitter chat. We’ll host a Twitter chat from @mozteach on Thursday, May 16th at 5pm UTC/1pm ET/10am PT using #teachtheweb
  • Share knowledge with other mentors and educators. Join the course Google+ community
  • Help capture highlights. Add yourself to this ticket if you’re interested in helping gather this week’s highlights.