Webmaker's Hottest, Issue #2: Scary Stories and Sailor Moons

Webmaker's hottest Makes of the week.
Last week, we featured the first-ever installment of Webmaker’s Hottest, a new series showcasing the work of makers around the world. We focused on kittens, uncomfortable close-ups and self-atomising machines.
From translucent PNG moustaches, to Open(Art) gif-making jams, to tight white pants, it was all about unexpected and creative uses of the Webmaker toolset. This week, in contrast, we saw a lot of blood, zombies, blackbirds and other things that go ‘bump’ in the night. Adding #UNESCOremix, DIY T-shirts and some anime into the mix, this week focused on the eclectic, the fantastical and the red!
Here are details on the makes and makers who made this week awesome:

It’s worth noting that every single one of the makes above is available to be remixed. So feel free to hack away by clicking “Remix” on the top right-hand side of each make. We’d love to see what you come up with. We’d also like to say a massive thank you to each of the brave and creative makers above for such an inspiring set of crazy and interesting makes this week!
Have a great make and want us to feature it here? Let Webmaker’s editor know about it! We want to see your best photos, remixes and creations so we can give them the community love they deserve across our global networks. Details on how to get featured can be found here.
And stay tuned next week for a set of makes that jump, squeak and howl

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